Wood carving

Our workshop

All the wooden details used in Karina Fashion jewelry and accessories are entirely hand carved. I design all the elements from scratch, we carefully choose sustainably cultivated precious wood for woodworking: this is how our wooden jewelry parts are created. I am glad to share our wood carving process with you.

  • Wooden handles for bags: we hand carve all our bag handles

  • Work in progress: solid wood handles for bags

  • Our solid wood handles for bags are almost ready

  • Solid wood wallets for credit cards and business cards are being prepared

  • Hand carving process: plum wood element for a  palm necklace

  • Hand carved wenge and oak element for a brooch

  • We carefully choose precious solid wood that is sustainably cultivated: zebrano, padauk and wenge

  • Some of our stabilized wood: we love these rare bright colours

  • Last step in creating our solid wood details

  • Starting to work on future insect jewelry: walnut root bees

  • Hand carving solid wood bee: pendant for a necklace or choker

  • Small solid wood bees for future earrings

  • Jewelry design process: matching hand carved solid wood elements with natural stones

  • Zebrano, padauk and walnut with jasper and agate hearts for future chokers

  • We hand craft home decors: unusual designs with solid wood and natural stones

  • Wenge and plum wood flower: for home decor

  • All our solid wood details are hand carved by our artisans

  • We often use solid wood cabochons in our jewelry and accessories. All our wooden cabochons are hand carved.

  • We can create jewelry and accessories for your special events and occasions: olives

  • Olive branch for keyrings and necklaces