Wood carving

Our workshop

All the wooden details used in Karina Fashion jewelry and accessories are entirely hand carved. I design all the elements from scratch, we carefully choose sustainably cultivated precious wood for woodworking: this is how our wooden jewelry parts are created. I am glad to share our wood carving process with you.

  • Designing new almond wood root elements with pearl cabochons

  • Hand carved almond wood root flowers with pearl cabochons

  • Work in progress: designing new jewelry

  • Eye jewelry: this will be an eye ring and eye pendant with wood and crystals

  • Designing a new bag: oak and leather with hand carved wenge element with Karina Fashion logo

  • This is how this bag looks like inside. It will also have leather sides and leather pocket

  • Designing new necklace: hand carved stabilized wood elements with crystals and mother of pearl

  • New jewelry: wood, natural stones and crystals. Brooches, rings, earrings and bracelets: work in progress

  • Work in progress: central element for a bracelet with crystals

  • New ring design and testing: work in progress

  • Our precious wood: carob wood

  • Our new wood: poplar root wood

  • Our new wood: this is how hand carved and finished poplar root elements look

  • Designing new carob wood elements

  • New bag design: leather, straw and cord

  • Hand crafted front side of the new round summer bag: leather and straw with hand carved walnut Karina Fashion logo