Wood carving

Our workshop

All the wooden details used in Karina Fashion jewelry and accessories are entirely hand carved. I design all the elements from scratch, we carefully choose sustainably cultivated precious wood for woodworking: this is how our wooden jewelry parts are created. I am glad to share our wood carving process with you.

  • Wood carving: heart and flower

  • Walnut root monstera leaf

  • Our jewelry is mainly gold and silver plated. However, upon requests we can hand craft solid gold and solid silver jewelry combining these materials with solid wood, precious and semi-precious stones

  • Work in progress: solid gold jewelry

  • Wood crafting: walnut punpkin. Preparing thematic jewelry for Halloween

  • Carving a walnut snowflake while getting ready for Christmas

  • We carefully choose sustainably cultivated precious wood for our jewelry wooden elements

  • Work in progress in our workshop: handcrafting walnut rings

  • Snake jewelry has been popular since ancient times. Hand carving¬† Karina Fashion walnut snake jewelry element

  • We design all the wooden elements and then hand carve them using precious solid wood

  • Some of our woodcarving tools

  • Wood carving: wenge bow tie

  • We carefully choose sustainably cultivated precious solid wood to hand carve elements for our jewelry and accessories. Zebrano and padauk.

  • Hand carving plumwood flower for a small elegant necklace

  • We design all our solid wood elements that are hand carved

  • Some of our new solid wood details: new jewelry and accessories will be ready soon!

  • Working on new solid wood chokers…

  • Baltic amber! Wood & Amber collection: coming soon

  • Designing new solid wood elements with natural stones

  • And these are ready hand carved olive wood elements with bronze pearls