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In this section we will share some of our favourite photos of jewelry and accessories from real life. In addition, we will show some of the jewelry that traveled to different parts of the world.

  • We received this photo from San Paolo, Brazil

  • This necklace traveled to Mo’orea, a high island in French Polynesia, 17 km northwest of Tahiti. In Tahitian Mo’o means lizard and Re’a translates as yellow. Mo’orea has stunning scenery thus being an attractive tourism destination.

  • When in Rome: Pantheon. Wearing hand carved walnut ring

  • Dinner: unusual statement jewelry completes and transforms your look. Hand carved walnut statement ring

  • Leather bracelet with hand carved wenge element and hand carved walnut shell ring

  • Black leather bracelet with wenge element and hand carved wenge statement ring in the Dominican Republic

  • Enjoying Dubai: hand carved zebrano jewelry set

  • Wearing hand carved zebrano ring in Dubai

  • Statement necklace with walnut and shell in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

  • Karina fashion accessories: hand carved padauk wallet and keyring. Accessories make all the difference

  • Olive harvest! We can hand craft bespoke jewelry and accessories for your special events and occasions

  • Hello from Turkey: golden anklet with white pearls and hand carved walnut flower

  • A beautiful business day in Dubai with Karina Fashion

  • Siena Cathedral, Italy

  • Piazza di Spagna, Rome

  • Climbing the stairs in Piazza di Spagna with Karina Fashion golden statement necklace: walnut and white pearl

  • Ready for a road trip! Stainless steel bracelet for men

  • Leather bracelet and walnut ring: jewelry completes your look and underlines you unique style

  • It’s always a good time for a cappuccino

  • Enjoying a gold cappuccino in Burj Al Arab, Dubai