Lifestyle - Part 2
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Healthy eating, sports, taking care of our environment and travelling: these are key factors to happy life. Karina Fashion jewelry and accessories will complete and transform your look for feeling special every day and living unforgettable adventures. These are just a few ideas of how to wear Karina Fashion. In addition, I will share some of my favourite photos of jewelry and accessories that travelled to different parts of the world.

  • Statement necklace with natural stones, horn and wood, hand carved walnut ring, earrings with fabric tassels

  • Unusual choker with hand carved walnut element and natural stones completes and transforms also your casual look

  • Earrings with black onyx and leather necklace

  • Long brown leather necklace with mother of pearl and hand carved walnut leaf. Handcrafted walnut ring. Elegant jewelry for business and leisure

  • In the olive grove. Leather pracelet with pearls, black onyx and hand carved walnut rose. Keyring with hand carved walnut olive branch

  • Wearing Karina Fashion you will not remain unnoticed

  • Summer jewelry set with walnut, turquoise and shells. Perfect for numerious summer events

  • Hand carved rose ring in Gibraltar. Is it a like? 🙂

  • Jewelry with suede, pearls and walnut makes a perfect combo with linnen clothes

  • Wear nature! Silk ribbon necklace with green agate and hand carved walnut root monstera leaf

  • Complete your summer and holiday looks with Karina Fashion

  • On the beach wearing flamingo jewelry: earrings, necklace and ring

  • Necklace for men for a trendy look

  • When having dinner. Fishbone necklace for men

  • On the beach again 🙂 Golden bracelet with white pearl and wood together with hand carved walnut ring

  • This Karina Fashion necklace with hand carved walnut flower and rare amethyst druzy was featured in Vanity Fair

  • Local Noumea inhabitant holding Karina Fashion golden choker with hand carved walnut rose and leather bead

  • Unusual jewelry with natural stones, hand carved walnut elements, leather and porcupine quills to underline your elegance and unique personality

  • Piazza della Signoria, Florence. Keyring with hand carved walnut flower with heart

  • Statement necklace with wooden elements and natural stones