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In this section we will share some of our favourite photos of jewelry and accessories from real life. In addition, we will show some of the jewelry that traveled to different parts of the world.

  • Enjoying Kazbek, Georgia

  • There are so many canals in Amsterdam!

  • From Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam

  • Karina Fashion hand carved walnut rose choker in Noumea. Perfect match with local jewelry!

  • Coffee break: hand carved walnut palm ring

  • Exploring Dubai: amazing Burj al Arab. Wearing hand carved padauk ring and bracelet

  • Walking in Gibraltar. Wearing hand carved walnut rose ring

  • I love finding materials in the nature and use them in my jewelry. This is a beautiful hagstone I found on a beach in the Bahamas

  • Fashion show in the Bahamas: beachwear and Karina Fashion jewelry

  • Fashion show: Karina Fashion palm necklace and beachwear

  • Summer time in the countryside wearing a necklace with hand carved plumwood and wenge sunflower and natural stones

  • Plumwood jewelry set in Dubai Mall Souk

  • Palm necklace: unusual jewelry for exotic vacations

  • Ricuras de Dona Esperanza: the most delicious sweets in the Dominican Republic wearing Karina Fashion palm necklace, palm ring and leather bracelet

  • In the summer fields wearing black leather bracelet with white pearl

  • Freshly squeezed pineapple juice. Hand carved padauk and wenge ring

  • Freshly squeezed strawberry juice. Hand carved plumwood and wenge ring

  • Before a storm in Santo Domingo: cord bracelet and hand carved wenge ring

  • Nature inspires: we created earrings in the shape of these beautiful leaves

  • From Paris with love. Hand carved solid wood rings