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Healthy eating, sports, taking care of our environment and travelling: these are key factors to happy life. Karina Fashion jewelry and accessories will complete and transform your look for feeling special every day and living unforgettable adventures. These are just a few ideas of how to wear Karina Fashion. In addition, I will share some of my favourite photos of jewelry and accessories that travelled to different parts of the world.

  • Exotic summer jewelry in the Bahamas: earrings with white pearls and hand carved wenge shells

  • The National Palace in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and hand carved Karina Fashion walnut and bubinga ring

  • Enjoying 24-carat gold cappuccino in Burj Al Arab, Dubai

  • Karina Fashion necklace in the Bahamas

  • Eye jewelry is so trendy! Unusual eye necklace: hand carved wenge eye and black onyx

  • Karina Fashion leather accessories: ring, bracelet and bag will underline your unique style

  • Hand carved wenge stud earrings and brooch with padauk and amethyst stalactite: from our Wood Bubbles collection

  • Golden necklace with pink druzy and cotton pearl for a girly look

  • This necklace travelled to Mo’orea, a high island in French Polynesia, 17 km northwest of Tahiti

  • A photo from Monte Carlo, Monaco. Unusual necklace with yellow druzy, blue agate and hand carved walnut element

  • Talamone, Italy. Hand carved wenge heart and larimar in a scarf pendant with larimar earrings

  • Solid wood rings and cord bracelets. Which one is your favourite?

  • This Karina Fashion golden necklace with hand carved walnut bow tie and malachite pendant was featured in Vanity Fair

  • This choker with hand carved walnut element, leather and natural stones is like a stylish women’s tie

  • Golden jewelry with hand carved walnut elements and white pearls. Perfect for a stylish summer look!

  • On the beach. Golden bracelet with pearl and wood and handcrafted walnut rings

  • Karina Fashion jewelry in the Caribbean

  • Palm necklace and rings: jewelry for pool parties and hot summer days

  • We enjoy good wine. Leather bracelet and ring

  • Hand caarved wenge bow tie with agate in a scarf pendant and hand carved wenge ring