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In this section we will share some of our favourite photos of jewelry and accessories from real life. In addition, we will show some of the jewelry that traveled to different parts of the world.

  • Choosing the biggest lobster in Nassau, the Bahamas

  • The National Palace in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and hand carved Karina Fashion walnut and bubinga ring

  • Enjoying 24-carat gold cappuccino in Burj Al Arab, Dubai

  • Enjoying a sweet coconut in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Solid wood rings and cord bracelets. Which one is your favourite?

  • This Karina Fashion golden necklace with hand carved walnut bow tie and malachite pendant was featured in Vanity Fair

  • Karina Fashion jewelry in the Caribbean

  • Exploring Dubai… Brown leather bracelet with hand carved bubinga and wenge ring

  • Beautiful lady in beautiful Riga wears hand carved zebrano jewelry set with crystals and leather

  • This Karina Fashion necklace with hand carved walnut flower and rare amethyst druzy was featured in Vanity Fair

  • Local Noumea inhabitant holding Karina Fashion golden choker with hand carved walnut rose and leather bead

  • Wearing palm necklace on one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of the world: Anse Source d’Argent: La Digue, Seychelles

  • Radio and TV Tower in Riga, Latvia

  • Hello from a desert in Israel. Necklace with hand carved walnut element

  • Coffee break with the view! Colosseum, Rome. Hand carved wenge and plum wood sunflower stud earrings and Karina Fashion logo ring with crystals

  • Flamingo earrings in the Bahamas

  • Cin-cin

  • When in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

  • Karina Fashion necklace traveled to Margerie Glacier

  • Cin Cin! Padauk and wenge ring and bracelets