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Discover the art of handcrafted jewelry and accessories at Karina Fashion. Our designs are meticulously hand-carved from precious, sustainably sourced wood and paired with carefully selected gemstones and materials from around the world. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, perfect for those who value individuality and originality.

Find the perfect addition to your look on our website, or let us create a bespoke jewelry piece to bring your vision to life. At Karina Fashion, we are dedicated to elevating your style for everyday wear and special moments alike.

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Wearing Karina Fashion you will be not only noticed but also remembered

Welcome to my world of handcrafted jewelry and accessories. It is my expression of love and care towards the nature. I design wooden elements that are entirely hand carved. I use precious wood that is sustainably cultivated. Gemstones and other materials are carefully chosen worldwide. Wearing Karina Fashion you will always have a small part of nature with you. Every jewelry piece is hand made in one exemplar.

My jewelry completes and transforms your look. I create one-of-a-kind pieces that I find nowhere else to help women and men feel even more special and self-confident. On my website I am glad to share with you our wood carving process as well as some ideas of how to wear Karina Fashion jewelry.

You can purchase any available accessory you see on the website or I can create unique bespoke jewelry for you. You will not only be noticed but also remembered.

about us