“Accessories are what makes or marks a woman” Coco Chanel

From my early childhood I always took my mum’s accessories and walked around the house covered with bijoux. I was trying to look like an adult and beautiful woman through my mum’s jewelry. Since then I never stopped studying the history of jewelry and researching unique fashion jewelry pieces worldwide for my private collection.

I am not a graduated jeweler nor a designer. Passion and self-education though are very powerful. I actually come from a totally different world: international business and finance. I travel a lot and I meet interesting people worldwide. I need to look well on different occasions: from early morning meetings to evening events. I need to respect cultural differences not only with my behaviour but also with my look. And I know for sure that diamonds nowadays are often not appropriate.

I have to admit that finding a unique, unusual and elegant fashion jewelry accessory for every day or a special occasion is not that easy. I create accessories that I find nowhere else. I create those fashion jewelry pieces that I would like to wear myself, all are hand made in one exemplar.

I design wood elements that are entirely hand crafted. I use walnut wood that is sustainably cultivated. I use porcupine quills that are found and stored in Tuscany, Italy. Not a single porcupine has suffered for any jewelry creation. I research and purchase gemstones worldwide. I love nature and I take care of it. I like to think that wearing most of my creations allows us having a small piece of nature always with us.

I am pleased to present you my collection that will be constantly filled with new creations. You can purchase any available accessory you see on the website or I can create bespoke jewelry for you.

Welcome to my world!